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Keeping Safety in Mind While Making Paper

Making paper is considered a very safe and enjoyable activity. However, like any craft, there are some dangers that can always be present. It’s important to take precautions before embarking on any new activity. Here are a few tips to do that when making paper.

Use caution when handling your screen. Remember, it’s made of wire and can cause a cut. If you make your own screen, you might even wish to wear protective work gloves until its edges are finished. Continue reading

How to Make Wood Pulp Paper

With so many ways to make paper out of recycled material out there, you may not have thought of making your own wood pulp paper. It can, however, be done.

All you need is the wood of your choice (the softer the better–scrap pine wood is a good choice), a wood plane, your paper frame, bleach, a pocket knife, a blender, a basin or sink, food coloring and water.

To keep it eco-friendly, you may wish to use fallen branches around your home. Continue reading

Tips for Variations in Paper-Making

Given that the ancient Egyptians used plants to make papyrus paper, it’s only natural that we consider various plants, as well as other creative sources, in creating our own modern paper today. Here are a few tips in creating a look with your own homemade paper that’s personal, beautiful and unique.

Give it a little color. Add some dye, powdered paint, liquid paint, tea, food coloring… Continue reading