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Papermaking for Preschoolers

Making paper is an excellent lesson for almost any age. While the project can easily be conducted within a middle school classroom–and may even get easier as the age of the student gets higher up to high school and college levels–some may balk at the idea of making paper with preschool children.

Preschoolers, after all, have shorter attention spans. Continue reading Papermaking for Preschoolers

10 Benefits of Paper Making in the Classroom

Whether homeschooling or teaching in a classroom setting, teachers can get a lot of mileage out of a single paper making lesson. Making our own paper teaches us things from nearly every subject and helps us make sense of our world. Imagine if math teachers could have their students make rulers, or music teachers could make instruments in class–what a gateway to knowledge!

Here are ten great benefits to be had from making paper with students. Continue reading 10 Benefits of Paper Making in the Classroom