Top Handmade Paper Products

Though making your own paper and using it for personal projects is a fun and rewarding activity, handmade paper is not just for this purpose. On the contrary, handmade paper is used in the finest crafts and arts all over the world. From India to the United States, homemade paper is a staple in many artisan projects.

For your next gift or special purchase, you might consider buying one of these unique creations made by fine, handmade paper.Journals: Though all journals are mostly made of paper, handmade paper journals are highly unique, often displaying cloth or beaded covers that add an artistic style to the author’s thoughts. Typically quite exotic and bold, they are also often more durable than manufactured journals. The same sentiment applies toward handmade paper photo albums, photo frames and scrapbooks.

Bags: Rather than wasting brown paper–or even plastic–shopping bags, handmade paper bags provide a clever, beautiful alternative that is both stylish as well as eco-friendly.

Candle Holders: This is a very novel function of handmade paper, with it being such a flammable source. That said, there are some very simple, elegant designs created for holding and highlighting tea lights.

Clocks: How many of your relatives can say that they own a clock made from paper? It would surely be a more unique gift than another tie or fruit pie.

Desk Sets: From paper pads to pencil holders, the items on your desk needn’t be encased within stark cookie-cutter plastics. Why not go for a bold, batik handmade paper desk set instead?

Gift Boxes: How entertaining it would be to be gifted a handmade paper craft–within a gorgeous handmade paper box?