Spend Time, Not Money This Christmas

If you’re hoping to make some handmade paper gifts this holiday season for friends and family, now is the time to do it. With a little planning, hard work, and creativity, you can give your loved ones unique, heartfelt gifts that they’re not likely to get anywhere else.

Handmade paper can be gifted to nearly anyone on your holiday list. If you can’t think of something for that special someone, why not try…Mother: What mom doesn’t want more photos of her children and grandchildren? Make her a one of a kind handmade photo frame with some gorgeous handmade paper featuring her favorite floral prints and tuck in a photo of you and your family for her to admire all year long.

Father: Give Dad something to really show off in his office by making him a bold and bright handmade paper sculpture. Maybe he likes origami, or he’s an M.C. Escher fan; either way, add some of those themes into your creation.

Grandparents: While more and more grandparents are logging online these days, most still have a fond place in their hearts for good old fashioned letters. A lovely set of handmade stationary featuring your grandmother’s favorite scent or your grandfather’s favorite colors, perhaps in a small basket with some stamps and a nice pen, would make a great gift.

Sister: Does she have a wedding or other special event coming up? Make her some beautiful customized invitations, or a simple set of cards for all occasions.

Brother: Give the gift of music and art by making a personalized CD featuring some of your joint favorites, complete with a handmade paper “album art” cover.

Best Friend: Make your own handmade scrapbook for him or her to put favorite photos in. Tuck in a few of your favorites if you like.

Child: A hand bound “All About Me” journal with plenty of room to draw and write would be wonderful for a child of any age. Personalize it with a photo on the cover, or draw your own image in.