10 Benefits of Paper Making in the Classroom

Whether homeschooling or teaching in a classroom setting, teachers can get a lot of mileage out of a single paper making lesson. Making our own paper teaches us things from nearly every subject and helps us make sense of our world. Imagine if math teachers could have their students make rulers, or music teachers could make instruments in class–what a gateway to knowledge!

Here are ten great benefits to be had from making paper with students.

10. It’s a great math lesson. From measuring the parts of water and paper pulp needed to estimating the amount of time it will take to dry, what could be a better practical application?

9. Multiple science lessons can come from the project. Add chemicals to discover a reaction. Experiment with additives for different scents and textures.

8. Making paper is a worthwhile art project. Using scrap paper in the art classroom to make new paper is not only a work of art in and of itself–it also saves paper, which leads us too…

7. It’s a great lesson in environmental stewardship. When we can understand where our paper comes from and how it’s made, we can gain a better appreciation for our environment and resources.

6. Homemade paper provides an important historical lesson. How much fun would it be to teach your students about Egyptian papyrus by making it in class?

5. Handmade paper provides a sense of accomplishment and exploration. There are no rules to really follow, no right or wrong answers; children can be free to create and discover new ways to alter their paper.

4. There could be no gift more special. Handmade Valentines or cards featuring children’s hand prints are certainly precious on their own; they’re even more adorable when they’re made on paper the kids made themselves.

3.  It gives the gift of responsibility. Kids can learn to take turns, share, work together, and clean up while working on the project.

2. It’s an indoor/outdoor activity. No matter the weather, you can still complete it.

1. It’s a fun activity! If nothing else, this will be something the kids will keep taking about throughout the school year.