Printers From India Make Furniture From Old Paper

Paper can be used for just about anything. From scrap booking paper to gift cards, jewelry boxes to lamp shades, old paper can always be put to new use if given a little tender loving care.

Two citizens of Pune, India have been putting it to an even bigger use. The printers, Anil Gujar and Sunil Juneja, both of Pune’s leading printing press company, Inkfloat, are using discarded paper to create furniture.

The twenty-five year employees are even distributing their creations under the brand name “Encore.” The products, considered very eco-friendly, include stools, sofa sets, tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture.

By using the raw materials already in use by Inkfloat, such as canvas, vinyl films and banner cloth that are all transported in tubes made from paper, the two have been able to create new life from pieces that would otherwise be simply discarded and wasted.

The extra paper was sold to scrap dealers until the two discovered what they could create from the extra material. The stool, their first product, was so successful that they followed up with several other products.

Nothing is wasted in the process. The two use their current business space as well as current employees to create the paper-based furniture.

They’ve also decided to keep the process as green as can be, not allowing any metal, plastic or any other potentially harmful materials to be used in the construction of their products. Instead, they use environmentally-friendly glue, jute, cotton strings and other natural materials.