Famous Handmade Paper Artists

Just as there are artists famous for paintings, sculptures or sketches, so too are there plenty of handmade paper artists known for their craft. Here are just a handful of these artists.

Carol Funke is known for her amazing handmade paper masks and dolls. She also creates commissioned handmade paper designs.

Award-winning artist Lois E. Jacobs creates her own paper and then uses it to form clay, wrap armature or create extraordinary watercolor paintings.

Elizabeth Kosterich uses handmade paper to create mixed media artwork, including unique and spiritual clay designs.

Laurence Baker is a printmaker and paper artist known for his colorful, unique designs on perforated paper and his enthusiasm for handmade paper itself.

Margaret Sage is the creatress of amazing Les Maisons paper sculptures, which she also paints. “I explore psychological conflict. For me, this is fertile territory, the unresolved issues from my past, things felt but not quite understood,” she says.

Barbara Pankratz uses computer printing and photo etching on paper she’s created by hand.

Jean-Michel Letellier is a modern, minimalist handmade paper artist who believes that the paper itself, not just what it is used for, is a work of art.

Mark Lander, a painter and ceramicist, is also a paper-maker who uses flax to create large-scale paper installations in galleries.

Danish author and artist Anne Vilsbøll is famous for her books and lectures as well as her extensive exhibitions, including the 1996 “Paper Road” event in Copenhagan, where artists all over the world convened to showcase their work.