How to Make Wood Pulp Paper

With so many ways to make paper out of recycled material out there, you may not have thought of making your own wood pulp paper. It can, however, be done.

All you need is the wood of your choice (the softer the better–scrap pine wood is a good choice), a wood plane, your paper frame, bleach, a pocket knife, a blender, a basin or sink, food coloring and water.

To keep it eco-friendly, you may wish to use fallen branches around your home. Continue reading How to Make Wood Pulp Paper

Tips for Teaching Paper-Making in the Classroom

Paper-making is a rewarding hobby and pastime, but it’s also a very enriching and exciting creativity for the classroom.

Whether the subject is art, with the paper serving as a canvas for inspiration, or science, with the topic being recycled paper, or history, the paper demonstrating the lengthy process of creating papyrus, making handmade paper can enhance the lesson into a tactile and moving experience for both the teach and the students. Continue reading Tips for Teaching Paper-Making in the Classroom

How To Make Rice Paper

If you’ve been making your own handmade paper now, you might want to try making rice paper. Rice paper is a beautiful and elegant creation that has been used in writing and art for centuries in China and Japan. Slightly translucent with a unique texture, it will be a lovely addition to your handmade paper collection.

Though rice paper traditionally means paper made from rice plants, today it can be made from just about any plant source, such as bamboo. Continue reading How To Make Rice Paper

Famous Handmade Paper Artists

Just as there are artists famous for paintings, sculptures or sketches, so too are there plenty of handmade paper artists known for their craft. Here are just a handful of these artists.

Carol Funke is known for her amazing handmade paper masks and dolls. She also creates commissioned handmade paper designs.

Award-winning artist Lois E. Jacobs creates her own paper and then uses it to form clay, wrap armature or create extraordinary watercolor paintings.

Elizabeth Kosterich uses handmade paper to create mixed media artwork, including unique and spiritual clay designs.

Laurence Baker is a printmaker and paper artist known for his colorful, unique designs on perforated paper and his enthusiasm for handmade paper itself.

Margaret Sage is the creatress of amazing Les Maisons paper sculptures, which she also paints. “I explore psychological conflict. For me, this is fertile territory, the unresolved issues from my past, things felt but not quite understood,” she says.

Barbara Pankratz uses computer printing and photo etching on paper she’s created by hand.

Jean-Michel Letellier is a modern, minimalist handmade paper artist who believes that the paper itself, not just what it is used for, is a work of art.

Mark Lander, a painter and ceramicist, is also a paper-maker who uses flax to create large-scale paper installations in galleries.

Danish author and artist Anne Vilsbøll is famous for her books and lectures as well as her extensive exhibitions, including the 1996 “Paper Road” event in Copenhagan, where artists all over the world convened to showcase their work.

Great Places to Buy Handmade Paper

Even if you don’t want to make your own paper, you can still enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of handmade paper. There are many places to purchase it for all of your paper needs.

Some of these stores specialize in paper exclusively; these are the stores where you may be able to find a wide variety of paper, from batik to mulberry to almost any kind you might want or need. Continue reading Great Places to Buy Handmade Paper

How to Make Paper with Dryer Lint

With the threat of global warming and other environmental concerns looming over us these days, more people are turning to reusing and recycling things in their homes. It’s easy to find a new life for a milk jug, toilet paper rolls or even used clothing (did you know that you can make insulation out of old jeans?), but some household wastes are hard to find uses for.

Dryer lint may not have been on your list of things to reuse, but it can actually be a good base to use for making paper. Continue reading How to Make Paper with Dryer Lint

10 Things to Do with Your Handmade Paper, Part 2

Here are several more uses for your new collection of handmade paper. Remember that these are only some ideas, and that your only limit in using your stockpile is your own imagination.

6. Album or CD Art: Homemade CDs are fun, but their case covers can be rather boring without some fantastic art. The same goes for photo albums. Selecting a special scent or pattern, such as glitter or grass-embedded paper, can make a personal CD mix an even more special gift. Continue reading 10 Things to Do with Your Handmade Paper, Part 2

10 Things to Do with Your Handmade Paper, Part 1

Now that you’ve had some experience making your own paper, you probably have a small collection of it accumulating. Have you tried making paper in different colors, scents, or even with your own photo yet? How about making paper out of grass–or adding in your own seeds to make it plant-able? We’ve also learned about aging paper chemically to make it look older. Continue reading 10 Things to Do with Your Handmade Paper, Part 1

Making Antique Paper

Whether you want to write a loved one something romantic with an aged flair, impress an English professor with an old-style sonnet, or simply add a bit of archaic edge to a pirate-themed party invitation, making antique paper is a great way to do it.

You may have already dabbled in trying to make your paper age quickly before. Continue reading Making Antique Paper

Making Plant-able Homemade Paper

Everyone experiences the conundrum of post-holiday, birthday, and other seasonal greeting card blues. What are we supposed to do with these lovely cards after the occasion passes?

While we might save a few for sentimental value, most are fairly generic. Sometimes we can use them in scrap booking, or creating cool origami crafts or boxes; but for the most part, we’ve got an extra box of recycling to turn in.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily remedied with plant-able paper. Continue reading Making Plant-able Homemade Paper