Using Paper in Non-Paper Products

Many fans of recycled paper products like to use paper for all sorts of things. Reusing paper to make recycled, homemade paper is a fun way to conserve and create, but there are literally dozens of other ways to give old paper a new life.

Many of these ways include other paper products, many of which we’ve already discussed. But did you know that many non-paper products use recycled paper as an ingredient?More than 5,000 items can be made using recycled paper.

There’s papercrete, for example. Papercrete is a construction material that’s just like concrete–only it has any source of recycled paper as its base. Its composition is anywhere from 50% to 80% paper, and puts old paper back to use in the formation of new structures, such as business buildings and homes.

Hospital gowns can also be made of recycled paper. Given how thin and flimsy they are, this may not come as much of a surprise! Dust masks, bandages, and other products we use on our bodies can be created–and often are–using paper discards as well.

While it’s not surprising that coffee filters, paper money, and egg cartons are often made out of recycled paper, the fact that globes can be created from old paper is a very interesting one.

Of course, insulation can be made out of paper as well–particularly for use in cars and pet bedding. Recycled paper can also be used in the production of lamp shades, wallets, vases, handbags and  masking tape. Even office furniture can be made with paper castaways.