Keeping Safety in Mind While Making Paper

Making paper is considered a very safe and enjoyable activity. However, like any craft, there are some dangers that can always be present. It’s important to take precautions before embarking on any new activity. Here are a few tips to do that when making paper.

Use caution when handling your screen. Remember, it’s made of wire and can cause a cut. If you make your own screen, you might even wish to wear protective work gloves until its edges are finished. If you cut yourself during construction, stop the project immediately and apply an antiseptic and a bandage. Be sure that the bleeding has stopped before continuing. If the cut is deep, seek medical attention.

Make your paper in a well ventilated area. While most smells are harmless, it’s always possible to come in contact with harmful chemicals if you’re not certain of your paper’s origin. Even benign but strong ┬ásmells, such as those released during making grass paper, may make some people sick. Wearing a mask can also help with this. ┬áThe best bet is to only use paper that you know has not been chemically treated. Making paper outdoors is also a good option, as it helps minimize the mess.

Use caution when handling your water. If you spill water, be sure to clean it up immediately. It will obviously cause surfaces to become slick, so walk carefully if you must walk in the water. Be sure to have some towels handy prior to beginning, and don’t work near anything electrical to avoid water damage and electric shocks.

Only use mediums that you are comfortable with. If an herb or plant or other item is a known allergen to you, do not use it. Avoid any materials that may cause irritation to your skin. You may also wish to wear gloves and eye goggles while making paper in general.