How to Make Paper with Dryer Lint

With the threat of global warming and other environmental concerns looming over us these days, more people are turning to reusing and recycling things in their homes. It’s easy to find a new life for a milk jug, toilet paper rolls or even used clothing (did you know that you can make insulation out of old jeans?), but some household wastes are hard to find uses for.

Dryer lint may not have been on your list of things to reuse, but it can actually be a good base to use for making paper.To make new paper out of your old dryer lint, gather the items you need to make paper out of any other material–your blender, preparation frame, sink or basin, etc. You will essentially be performing the same steps–just with something you may have thought had no use whatsoever rather than your recycled paper or grass!

Like any other paper base, your lint color will show up in your final product, so keep that in mind as you collect your dryer lint. Soak your lint in warm water for half an hour to break it down for blending. If you want a more full-bodied paper, feel free to add bits of paper as your lint soaks.

Next, blend it in your blender as you normally would when making paper. Use about a cup of lint and fill the rest of your blender with water; then, blend until it’s a smooth mixture.

Follow through with the rest of your paper-making steps and you’ll have a wholly homemade creation that’s great for arts and crafts, letters or other paper projects.