10 Things to Do with Your Handmade Paper, Part 2

Here are several more uses for your new collection of handmade paper. Remember that these are only some ideas, and that your only limit in using your stockpile is your own imagination.

6. Album or CD Art: Homemade CDs are fun, but their case covers can be rather boring without some fantastic art. The same goes for photo albums. Selecting a special scent or pattern, such as glitter or grass-embedded paper, can make a personal CD mix an even more special gift.

5. Origami: Get the sizes needed to create your own origami paper for an extra unique touch in your creations. Though the standard size of an origami square is six inches per side, it can vary depending on what you would like to make.

4. Invitations: With so many people desiring special, unique looks for their wedding, birthday and other invitations, handmade paper can come in handy. You are guaranteed to get a look that nobody else is using for your event.

3. Homemade Lampshades: Yes, you can actually make a lampshade out of your paper! In fact, you can even make an origami lampshade.

2. Homemade Journals: How cool would it be to have your own completely homemade journal? Everything inside, from thoughts to pages, would be of your own making.

1. Letters: Though probably the most obvious choice, in this age of e-mail people don’t receive letters nearly as much as they used to. The same goes for postcards. How delightful it would be to receive not only a real letter you can hold–but one that someone put a lot of creativity into?